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About Roscoe Village


Bounded by Addison Street (north), Belmont Avenue (south), Ravenswood Avenue (east), and the Chicago River (west), the area now known as Roscoe Village was witness to a crazy ride on the roller coaster of urban change. Officially established in 1977, it had evolved from a Fox Indian prairie to a coven of immigrant farmers, from a gathering of glass greenhouses to the excitement of the historical Riverview Amusement Park. Today, Roscoe Village finds itself a fun, thriving, community-oriented niche of the city.

With dozens of local eateries offering a variety of fares (including Mediterranean, South American, Thai and Italian cuisines, among many others) the restaurants here have formed an enviable culinary clique. And nearby watering holes and wine depots are also footsteps away, perhaps one specializing in a worldly outpouring of tap beers, the next in a customized liquor selection. Finish the experience with gourmet ice cream or groundbreaking coffee, and your taste buds will end up outlandishly happy!

Also on the map are several booming businesses, cool shops, and charming boutiques, offering quite an impressive array of goods and services: cutting edge clothing, beautiful baby wear, designer furniture and accessories for the home, eclectic artwork, hip or square music, impressive real estate ventures, to name a few. Again, whatever your pleasure, Roscoe Village can cater to a mixed bag of shoppers.

And don’t forget about the many excellent public and private schools, parks, and childhood learning and entertainment centers that make these streets the perfect place to raise a family! Every sidewalk is dotted with strollers and wagons, and every block has a family of interwoven children, bound together by caring parents, safe streets, and the desire to learn. Any child can become thoroughly immersed in Roscoe Village kid-life.

This neighborhood would not be complete without the thousands of people who live in, work in, and are Roscoe Village. This entire area takes pride in its ethnic and socio-economic diversity, and welcomes anyone whose neighborhood spirit brings them here to feed the fire of residential and commercial prosperity. Roscoe Village’s denizens are a committed bunch, desiring to build an even stronger community of people who stand for “what it means to be a Chicagoan.”

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